GreyscaleGorilla – Setting Up Camera Calibration In Cinema 4D

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In this tutorial Nick Campbell from GreyscaleGorilla demonstrates how to use the new Camera Calibrator in Cinema 4D. The Camera Calibrator matches a 3D camera image to a 3D environment allowing 3D objects to be easily integrated into the photographed environment.

Nick begins the tutorial by showing how to capture a decent 360 degree photo by using an app available for the iPhone. This photo is used to light the 3D scene to provide realistic Global Illumination & shadows. He explains his Photoshop workflow to tweak the photo to make sure it is ready to be used as a HDRI (*Update from Nick: this portion of the tutorial can be skipped if using the excellent Photosynth app as it does this automatically).

The next stage of the tutorial describes the process for setting up the Cinema 4D Camera Calibrator, and the camera projection set up needed. This is followed by modelling the scene using simple planes and using camera projection techniques for the texturing.

Part 2 of the tutorial includes further modelling to make the scene animation ready. The lighting is discussed in more detail showing how to set up the scene using the GreyscaleGorilla HDRI Light Kit Pro.

Setting up the Cinema 4D dynamics system is discussed next, with a detailed explanation on how to set up the emitter and collider objects.

The tutorial ends with compositing and colour correction in After Effects, including the addition of lens flares from Knoll Light Factory v3.

Camera Calibration Tutorial Render from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.