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So how much does Maxon CINEMA 4D cost?

The CINEMA 4D price depends on two main factors – the version of CINEMA 4D you want to buy and where in the world you are based.

In this article I’m going to cover the CINEMA 4D price for the USA and Canada to keep things simple.

If you’re based outside of the USA and Canada there are Maxon dealers based in each geographic area and they all offer different pricing according to local currencies, taxes etc. This can get quite complex so the best advice is to head over to the Maxon site and see which Maxon CINEMA 4D store and distributors cover your area.

For those in the USA and Canada the price of the different CINEMA 4D R20 versions at the time of this article were as follows:

Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio price – $3,695.00 Retail Price or $3510.25  (see below for details)
Maxon CINEMA 4D Visualize price – $2,295.00 RRP or $2,180.25
Maxon CINEMA 4D Broadcast price – $1,695.00 RRP or $1610.25
Maxon CINEMA 4D Prime price – $995.00 RRP or $945.25

How to get a 5% discount off the CINEMA 4D Price

Toolfarm is one of the largest resellers of 3D and video plugins software in the USA and because of their size they are able to offer a 5% discount off the C4D price, which amounts to a considerable saving of $185.00 off CINEMA 4D studio for example.

Toolfarm also make it very easy to purchase and download CINEMA 4D and have excellent customer support, which is reassuring when making such a large purchase. I use them myself for all my video plugin purchases as they seem to always have the best prices.

Which version of CINEMA 4D should I buy?

If you’re a professional motion designer or VFX artist, then without question buy CINEMA 4D Studio. The Studio version comes with so many extra useful features such as Dynamics, MoGraph Tools, Sculpting, Hair System and loads more that make it a no brainer compared to the other versions.

If you’re making a living from your 3D work, build the cost of software into your pricing. Like any professional you need to have the best tools to do the job and CINEMA 4D Studio is the best version. Don’t take my word for it though, do your own research and ask other CINEMA 4D users which version they use and I’m sure you’ll find the majority will be using the Studio version of C4D.

If you can’t yet stretch to full Studio version yet – consider a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe ship a free version of CINEMA 4D Lite with After Effects CC, which gives you the basic features of CINEMA 4D at no extra cost and upgrade when you’re ready.