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About is all about helping you:

  • Discover inspiring, new VFX and motion graphics work, not just from the big VFX companies, but from fellow talented artists like you.
  • Stay informed about the latest software and hardware that will help you improve your projects and give you an edge.
  • Add to your resource library and speed up your next project with our free templates, textures, footage, graphics, 3D models.
  • Find out the workflow secrets of the professionals with fascinating interviews from successful VFX and motion graphics artists.
  • Get that VFX or motion graphics job or make a success of a freelance career, with our helpful tips and guides.
  • Learn the latest software techniques through the very best training and tutorials hand-picked from around the web.


About Us

Hi, I’m Simon & I created this site with my wife Claire who also shares my passion for all things VFX.

I can remember the first time my interest in visual effects was ignited. It was 1977 and I was leaving the cinema after spending 2 hours glued to the spectacle that was Star Wars. Even though I was a kid and didn’t even know what visual effects were, my young mind was blown away by what I had just seen.

Fast forward 30 years later to 2007. I’m standing in the middle of a muddy, disused timber yard in Burnaby, Canada. I’m dumb struck by what is being created before me. Teams of people are expertly recreating the streets of New York City for the set of the film Watchmen.

My interest in visual effects had been re-ignited a couple of years earlier, when I had landed a job in Vancouver, Canada – supplying electrical and lighting equipment to set designers on feature films and TV shows. I was shocked by the amount of work that went into a production and amazed by the magic that these hard working and creative people conjure up, to create the spectacle we see at the cinema.

2012 and we’re back in the UK, watching as the digital media revolution unfolds. These are exciting and scary times if you’re involved in the world of VFX.

The traditional VFX industry is paradoxically experiencing it’s most successful period in its history, while at the same time, many VFX companies are on the brink of financial disaster, due to greedy corporate interests and a reliance on subsidies.

On another level, we’re also seeing massive technological changes that are allowing someone in their own home to create complex VFX and motion graphics projects with inexpensive software, that would have taken teams of people and a massive amount of cash just a few years ago.

We created as a way of documenting and navigating these exciting times, we’d very much like you to join us for the journey.