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X-Particles Build 884 is out now, this is a monumental update.

In this Update; Fluids have been given a massive boost, xpDomain has been rewritten from the ground up and is now the all-new xpFluidFLIP. Calculations are faster, simulations more realistic and there’s a choice of FLIP and APIC Solvers.

xpExplosiaFX has some new additions too, introducing Upres, now when you create highly detailed smoke and fire simulations, you can upres your low-resolution simulation to fine-tune the scene detail before to final render. Plus, with the all-new OpenGL display*, you can visualize your simulation and see all the incredible detail in the viewport.


X-Particles New Features:

Here are just a few of the many new features for X-Particles Build 642, for full details please see here.

New Infectio modifier
New Wave object added
New emitter type – Torus emitter
New extended data item – Emission Vertex
New modifier fields display
New mode and new switch added to the Life modifier
New axis constraint setting in the Network modifier
New parameters added to the main X-Particles preferences
Improved and extended Color modifier
Faster, more accurate fluid simulation in FluidPBD and FluidFX
Revised particle core and collision engine with much greater speed
New option in the Trail object to handle Infectio trails
Enhanced functionality and the ability to mesh volumes in the OpenVDB mesher
Spline collisions added to the collision engine
New list of target objects added to the Attractor modifier
New System Hierarchy Sorter command to sort X-Particles objects into a System object
Compatibility with Cinema 4D R20 using the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin

X-Particles Features

An essential component of an artist’s toolkit, Insydium have vastly improved their visual effects features such as Cloth, Smoke, Fire and fluids. Alongside, they’ve given some of their existing features a significant overhaul, others just a little fine-tuning.

Designers can switch effortlessly between motion graphics and VFX, within a unified system built on the most intuitive particle software on the market.

xpExplosiaFX Part I
xpExplosiaFX will become your first stop in the creation of realistic smoke, fire and explosive simulations. Various settings provide you with unparalleled control and interaction.

xpExplosiaFX Part II
xpExplosiaFX comes with its inbuilt forces, but the real beauty is its ability to interact with other X-Particles Modifiers and Generators.

xpFluidPBD is a particle-based dynamic solver, ideal for fast, small scale fluid simulations. Mix with any of the X-Particles modifiers to fine tune and art direct your fluids.

The all-new xpClothFX Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow.

The next chapter in particle control, with xpFlowField, the possibilities are endless. They can be mixed and layered to push directed particle effects to the next level.Our fantastic new velocity field generator lets you create custom velocity field effects.

Our new xpSplineFlow allows you to quickly design and art direct the flow of particles along a Spline. The Spline Modifier uses multiple forces to push and pull particles in an organic, fluid motion.

xpCirclePacker and xpCellAuto
The xpCirclePacker allows you to emit particles while dynamically avoiding intersections. It controls the particle radius and emission point, avoiding overlap

xpOpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can fine-tune the voxel size and radius scale. Use our filtering system to layer up your effects to take total control of your artwork.

Our new Motion modifier will enable you to create abstract, chaotic particle animations.

Make realistic gravity and orbit animations. Add an object or multiple objects into the Attractors window, and each object can be given an individual gravitational field.

xpVertexMap Maker
The xpVertexMap Maker has four different modes to manipulate the vertex weight; Vertex Speed, Texture, X-Particles/Object Vertices and xpExplosiaFX.

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This amazing Insydium X-Particles reel gives you some idea of the incredible things that X-Particles can create

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