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Insydium X-Particles 3 for CINEMA 4D

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X-Particles 3 is Faster
Insydium X-Particles 3 for CINEMA 4D has finally been released and it’s a massive update. X-Particles 3 is more powerful than ever before with with reduced memory by simulating more of the particles using the same resources, making it much faster. There is also improved CPU threading through better use of particle compression and caching and the use of multiple CPU cores further enhancing the speed.

All New Modifiers
This new version of X-Particles for CINEMA 4D also features 18 brand new modifiers, giving you a whole host of new creative options.:
Control Modifiers:
xpColor, xpInherit, xpPhysical, xpRewind, xpTransform, xpWeight.
Motion Modifiers
xpAvoid, xpDrag, xpExplode, xpFollowPath, xpGaseous, xpLimit, xpNetwork, xpVortex, xpVorticity.
Generate Modifiers
xpBranch, xpDynamicParticles, xpTendril.

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