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  • Full Layer Map support gives advanced animation control.
  • Illuminate your particles with Shading for visual depth.
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Trapcode Form coupon code



Trapcode Form 4

Red Giant Software have created Trapcode Form to enable you to create any 3D form you want, your only limitation is your own imagination.
By using Trapcode Form you can make your logos you create combust and any 3D words to disintegrate into a pile of sand.
Trapcode Form also has lots of expertly created presets by Harry Frank to enable you to get started quickly.

  • Designer – This enables you to create particle grids simply and easily. It gives immediate visual feedback ensuring that the building and previewing of effects is a creative seamless process.
  • Fluid Dynamics – Provides you with four customizable fluidic behaviours.
  • 150+ Presets – Included are over 150 presets that are fully customizable to help get you started.
  • Full Layer Map support provides advanced animation control.
  • Use Shading to illuminate particles for visual depth.
  • Create text effects, fluid lines and looping backgrounds.
  • Sync animation to your soundtrack or voice with Audio Reactors.

Check out the Red Giant Trapcode Form video below to help get you started:

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