CINEMA 4D already has excellent rendering capabilities, especially with the Physical renderer which appeared in version 13. However, many CINEMA 4D users have found they can get better or more importantly, faster results by using a 3rd party render plugin for CINEMA 4D. Here are a few of the most popular render plugins for CINEMA 4D:

Redshift is probably the highest rated and one of the most popular CINEMA 4D renderers out there at the moment.

If you do a cursory search on social media, you will find a legion of CINEMA 4D users who are massive fans of this renderer, with many switching over from Octane.

Redshift is a GPU-accelerated renderer, that not only renders blazingly fast but also has the uncompromising quality you normally only get from a CPU render engine.



VRay for C4D
V-Ray for CINEMA 4D is probably the most popular 3rd party render plugin, with many users claiming superior quality renders and faster render times over CINEMA 4D’s own render engine. V-Ray for C4D allows you to use the V-Ray renderer directly in CINEMA 4D using the normal CINEMA 4D workflow. Save 5% on VRay for C4D here.

Next Limit Maxwell Render
Maxwell Render is very popular amongst visual effects artists, designers and architects for its ability to create renders that are indistinguishable from photographs – it’s that good. The render times are also fast, which is surprising given the quality of the image it produces. Like V-Ray there is a dedicated Maxwell Render plugin for CINEMA 4D that you can use it directly within the software so your workflow isn’t interrupted. Save 5% on Maxwell Render for CINEMA 4D here.

Footer shatter pack

iray is a popular rendering plugin for CINEMA 4D as it supports GPU rendering, which greatly speeds up render times compared to standard CPU based renderers. If render speed is important then iray could be an excellent choice. You’ll need a NVIDIA® CUDA® graphics card for this to work though. Save 5% on iray for CINEMA 4D here.

Mental ray
Mental ray® is an external renderer for CINEMA 4D, that has an uncanny ability to accurately simulate the behaviour of light. If you’ve ever used Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max you’re probably already aware of the quality of the images that this renderer can produce.

Otoy Octane Render
Like iray, Octane Render for CInema 4D is GPU based, which means super fast renders compared to standard CPU rendering. The plugin is currently in the beta phase but they are offering a discount for early adopters.

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