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Unless you are remarkably gifted you are probably going to need a little help when it comes to being a visual effects artist of any level. There is simply so much to learn and often it is just a case of being shown the right direction when starting out. As you progress as an VFX artist you are still learning on a daily basis and often you just come across a brick wall that you simply cannot break through without some help. This is where training for whatever software you are using becomes invaluable. We have tried and tested may different training sources over the years of our learning and have found that has certainly been the most helpful for all our needs. provides unlimited access to over 1,600 courses with new ones being added on a weekly basis. Each course has experienced engaging instructors to talk you though all the skills you may need. We have chosen some of the best courses currently available to get you started as an VFX artist in the top 5 most popular VFX software. All these courses are available to you for free for 7 days. Cinema 4D Essential Training

Cinema 4D Essential Training – Free 10 Day Training Here
Cinema 4D Essentials training covers the complex world of 3D modelling, animation and rendering into manageable two hour sections. You will first learn all about Cinema 4D’s environment and the importance of the object hierarchy. Then how to create a project correctly, move within your projects, create objects and change their parameters. After Effects CS6 Essential Training

After Effects CS6 Essential Training – Free 10 Day Training
This training covers Adobe After Effects CS6, animation, effects, and compositing. Firstly you learn the 6 foundations of After Effects-concepts like layers, keyframes, rendering, and moving in 3D space. The course then shows you how to build compositions with layers, perform rotoscoping, animate composition with keyframes, add effects & transitions, render and export. Maya Essential Training

Maya Essential Training – Free 10 Day Training Here
This Maya training course has been specifically designed in manageable installments of 2 hours. You are firstly shown Maya’s environment and how to move objects and keep your scenes organized. Then you will learn how to navigate within your projects, configure viewports, select, move, rotate and scale objects and to create layers and groups. 3ds Max 2013 Essential Training

3ds Max 2016 Essential Training – Free 10 Day Training
This course covers Autodesk 3DS Max from the beginning giving you a full overview of this innovative 3D graphics and modeling package. Firstly the 3ds Max interface is explained step by step. You then learn how to model, texture, animate, light and render. You get real practical examples to use with the lessons.