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Digieffects DigiSuite

Digieffects Digisuite has been created to provide you with 41 essential tools to help you to produce amazing visual effects. Follow in the footsteps of Paramount, Warner Brothers and MTV and use Digisuite to create the ultimate effects your work needs. Don’t let your software be a restraint on your creativity!

  • Digisuite includes Damage, Phenomena, Tweak & Aura.
  • Digieffects-Damage-Tutorials. Digieffects-Tweak-Tutorials.





    Damage – 9 tools to create the perfect bad video effects including Wave Displace, Overexpose, Destabilize & Interference.
    Phenomena – 11 tools such as Rainfall, Snowstorm, Fog, Smoke, Fire & Fireworks.
    Tweak – 10 effects which include Newsprint, Stargate, Hyper Harmonizer & Schematic Grids.
    Aura – Control your color, glow & light with 11 tools which include Glow, Specular Lighting, Channel Noise & Colorize.