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Pixologic ZBrush

ZBrush is an amazing digital sculpting and painting software program that has entirely changed the face of the 3D industry as we know it. Whether you are an novice artist or work in the major games and film studios this new software is going to revolutionize your sculpting experience.

ZBrush has been created to ensure your design potential is limitless. There are a vast array of features to enable you to produce amazing results, yet they have all been designed to be simple to use to enable you to concentrate on your art and not the software. The guys that created ZBrush are artists too and therefore totally understand that your focus should be on the art and your design and that ZBrush is the tool to enable you achieve whats in your imagination.

Start by sketching out your 2D or 3D idea and then have the freedom to start sculpting with up to a billion polygons! (without having to buy additional graphics cards). There has also been an increase in the DynaMesh resolution to 2048 and you can now merge subtools and even define them as a negative volume for DynaMash subtraction.

With the ZBrush toolsets you can also upload images which cover the ZBrush floor grid in 3 working planes plus you can have a different imagine on both sides of the grid. It also now enables you to tilt the background imagine and synchronize it with the movement of your model. The software also ensures that you can create amazing renders with the lighting and atmospheric effects available. You can then use an array of exporting options to prepare your 3D image for painting in any digital application.