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  • Complex nature-based effects.
  • Blossoming flowers.
  • Tree growth.

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Xfrog for Cinema 4D
Xfrog has been created to enable you to produce 3D architectural forms, nature based special effects, trees and flowers and then go on to animate them as you wish.

Xfrog for CINEMA 4D Procedural objects include:

Hydra Object – Sets out objects in a round design.

Variation Object – Enables you to increase a variety of objects with Hydra, Branch and Phyllotaxis.

Curvature Object
– Generates Splines which can be used as a base for naturally curved twigs and leafs.

Phyllotaxis Object
– Lays out objects on an abitrary surface of revolution.

Deviation Object – Includes natural features to your Branches, by deviating a Branch Object at the places where other Branches emerge.

Branch Object – Simply create complex multi-level branching structures with various parameters to give them a natural look.

Tropism Object – Provides spline-based objects (like Branch, but also the CINEMA 4D SweepNURBS) to bend towards an abitrary position or direction.