03-29-2017 - - Westworld Titles VFX Breakdown + CINEMA 4D Modelling Training

Here are some of the cool things in the world of VFX & motion graphics I thought were worth sharing this week.

Motion blur is essential for achieving realistic 3D renders but unfortunately it is one of the most expensive effects to achieve in terms of system resources and long render times. 

ReelSmart Motion Blur solves this problem and makes adding motion blur to 3D renders and other footage fast and easy.


Finally a series specifically for CINEMA 4D artists that truly demystifies the art of modelling in CINEMA 4D. 

Making it Look Great 11 (MILG 11) is the missing link in CINEMA 4D modelling, developed specifically for CINEMA 4D artists and covering everything you need to know from fundamental modelling concepts to hidden features of key modelling tools.


The titles for the HBO show Westworld were arguably the most stunning of 2016.

This article goes deep into the creation of those titles and the VFX techniques and tools the creators Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks over at Elastic used.