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Video Copilot ORB – Free After Effects Plugin

Well, Andrew Kramer and his amazing team over at Video Copilot look like they are about to blow the minds of the VFX community yet again, with ANOTHER exciting free plugin- ORB.

ORB – a free After Effects plugin aims to be the ultimate planet creation tool. It will be capable of creating not only amazingly detailed planets but also atmospheres and other 3D based spherical objects.

Apparently, the project began as a Video Copilot tutorial using the After Effects built-in CC Sphere effect. Due to the 3D limitations of CC Sphere, the Video Copilot team decided to create something much more ambitious.

They have used their extensive knowledge of GPU rendering and some of the technology behind their Element 3D plugin to create a whole new plugin specifically aimed at creating 3D sphere and planet type FX.

As the new plugin is based around GPU rendering, it means it will be able to render physically based materials. This means that advanced bump maps, automatic shadow illumination and environment reflections can also be used. These are pretty incredible features, especially when you consider ORB will be 100% free!

The ORB plugin is expected to be available sometime next week (week beginning 17 September 2018.)

Other Amazing Free Video Copilot Plugins

The new ORB After Effects plugin follows on the heels of other fantastic free Video Copilot plugins such as FX Console, which has become the go-to plugin to improve your productivity inside of After Effects.

Let’s also not forget the incredible Saber plugin – another free Video Copilot plugin that can not only replicate the Light Saber effect from Star Wars but also has numerous other uses such as dynamic text with neon lighting FX.

New Paid Video Copilot Products On the Horizon?

I’m sure there are thousands of Video Copilot fans out there who are desperate to repay the Video Copilot team for their generosity, by purchasing new and exciting paid plugins created by them.

Hopefully, the next version of Element 3D isn’t too far away (it’s hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since the last version).

As well as an Element 3D update, Andrew has also hinted that some brand new plugins are on their way in recent interviews with The Collective podcast and Blender Guru.

Exciting times ahead if you’re a Video Copilot fan like we are!