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  • 200+ High Definition 3D Models.
  • Multi Object Pieces.
  • Textured and Ready to Use.
  • Multiple 3D Formats (OBJ, FBX).
  • Customizable Texture Maps.
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Video Copilot Motion Design Pack.

The guys at Video copilot have released an amazing professional 3D model pack that is unlike anything you have ever seen. The detail and selection of models available in this pack is outstanding, it is bursting with abstract shapes and elements. This is certainly a 3D model pack that is perfect for motion graphic artists.

Motion Design Pack Includes:

  • Abstract Strings: 18 Models
  • Abstract Sweeps: 12 Models
  • Arrows: 39 Models
  • Arrow Signs: 7 Models
  • Atoms: 10 Models
  • Broken Glass: 10 Models
  • Cloth: 11 Models
  • Greeble: 12 Models
  • Grid Array: 10 Models
  • Liquids: 67 Models
  • Machine Parts: 23 Models
  • Multi Object Pieces: 11 Models
  • Multi Object Screens: 10 Models
  • Music Notes: 6 Models
  • Organic Forms: 24 Models
  • Rings Borders: 11 Models

This Video Copilot Motion Design model pack has been created to work with an array of 3D programs including Element 3D, Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Maya and Blender.