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  • Includes Particular 4, Form 4, Mir 3, Tao, Lux, Sound Key, Shine, Horizon, Starglow, 3D Stroke, Echospace.
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15

Trapcode Suite 15 has been created by Peder Norrby to provide you with some awesome tools for your 3D designs and broadcasts. You will be able to create amazing animated backgrounds, logos and text titles for your 3D project. This bundle really does include everything you would need to create the best of your imagination.

Mir enables you to create awesome 3D shapes with a quick rending polygon mesh that you can keep previewing instantly thanks to OpenGL’s capability. You will enjoy using the 3D features for your polygon mesh including the texture mapping, fractal noise for distortion, repeating geometry and After Effects light integration.

Particular 4 is a fast rendering 3D particle tool that has the capacity for millions of particles that can be moved in 3D space. It also enables you to have customizable particles that have depth and particle shading that enables you to illuminate logos and particles in 3D space.

Form 4 combines your imported OBJ models with particle generation. It enables you to create some amazing effects such as 3D sequences bursting apart into particles, logos exploding into fire balls and simple words evaporating to leave just a pile of sand! You can even give your particles great visual depth with the shading tool too.

Shine produces volumetric light rays that can have amazing effects on your project. There are 22 Shine presets for you to choose from or you can of course make your own amazing light rays. You can create light rays moving across your logos, have car headlights breaking through a thick fog and rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds!

3D Stroke is the perfect tool for any animated logo or write-on effect. It now includes 40 preset SVG shapes including grids, squiggles and stars to start of your animations. You also have total control over all the shapes, how thick or thin you want them, the colors you want, any feathering required, motion blur needed and opacity.

Trapcode Suite Highlights:

The Particle Effects with GPU acceleration brings 3D particle systems right into After Effects. It provides you with particle emitters to create smoke, fire, snow, water and other organic visual effects.

These enable you to create realistic fluid simulations thanks to the Dynamic Fluids™ physics engine. You can also produce amazing particles floating through the air.

These enable you to use paths and motion to create stunningly complicated geometric shapes, ribbons or extrusions.

You can simply use the masks and paths to include light streaks which will bring your logos and text to life.

Allows you to use audio to create keyframes that drive animation and effects. You can rotate, scale and move to the beat or apply drum hits to provide you with particle effects.

Trapcode Suite Includes:

The Full Trapcode Suite 15 Download includes 11 Trapcode products which can also be downloaded individually:

Trapcode Particular 4 – 3D particle system for After Effects.
Trapcode Form 4 – Create any 3D form you can imagine.
Trapcode Mir 3 – Create 3D motion design at OpenGL speed.
Trapcode Tao 1.2 – 3D geometries animated along a path.
Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.7 – Fly your camera through your creative glowing shapes and lines.
Trapcode Shine 2.0 – Creates fast 3D light ray effects.
Trapcode Horizon 1.1 – Ensures your scene has an limitless sky.
Trapcode Lux 1.4 – Provides you with a realistic headlight or beautiful spotlight.
Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4 – Syncs your video to any audio.
Trapcode Starglow 1.7 – Provides any ordinary highlight with a dazzling, sparkling effect.
Trapcode Echospace 1.1 – Eliminates the dreariness of animating multi-layer 3D effects.