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  • Create shiny bubbles, rain, white clouds, falling snow & smoke.
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Trapcode Particular coupon code


Trapcode Particular features

  • Designer – This feature has been improved to enable you to create particle effects even easier. You can incorporate complete, customizable particle effects with one click or include adaptable blocks with preset functions and style emitters, particles, physics and aux particles.
  • Fluid Dynamics – This physics engine has been created to enable you to produce powerful swirling effects and enables particles to move as if they were real fluids.
  • 335+ Presets – You are provided with over 335 fully-customizable designer presets. Theses include the amazing presets fire, fireworks, explosions, smoke, muzzle flashes, to name but a few. Check out the whole list here.
  • Renamed Transform World controls making it easier to enable expressions specific to this control.
  • 20million is now the maximum number of visible particles.
  • “Lights Unique Seeds” control in Emission Extras creates random seeds if your scene has multiple particle emitting lights.
  • Default “Still” mode in Layer Emitter Sampling which is useful if a still image is being used as an Emitter for that layer.
  • Layer Emitter mode based on RGB-XYZ Velocity which allows particles to get their velocity from the RGB properties of the Layer Emitter.
  • “Particle Amount” feature allows fast changing of the amount of particles for previewing. You can access this feature in the rendering tab.
  • Render hundreds of thousands of particles per second.

Trapcode Particular has been created to enable you to produce amazing effects with the capacity for millions of particles. It has now also significantly improved its render speeds and can render hundreds of thousands of particles per second.

The Orthographic rending tool enables you to view all your particles from the built-in After Effects camera views, whether that be left, right, top or bottom. This ensures that you save a vast amount of time as it is so much simpler to adjust the particle motion in 3D space.

Particular also has great lighting control for shaded particles and the realistic shading enables 128 spotlights in After Effects to light up your particles and any logos as they move through 3D space. The light effects seen in Apple’s iPod Nano Remastered commercial can also now be recreated by you with the new Streaklet particle.

The particles you create will also have great depth thanks to the full 3D rotation, whilst the physics controls enable you to have detailed turbulence, gravity and support for air resistance.

This Trapcode software will enable you to create amazing realistic natural effects such as rain, falling snow, fluffy white clouds, whirling dust, bubbles, and smoke all within After Effects.

The powerful self shadowing tool Shadowlet rendering enables you to cast realistic shadows on any main or aux particles from a single light source.

The reflexion maps enable you to use textured polygon particles as a layer to attach powerful color alterations to particles as they revolve in 3D, perfect for attaching sparkle to moving particles.

Transform Your World is another new great feature that has been created to give you extra animation flexibility and enables you to offset or rotate in 3D space your total workspace without having to move the After Effects cameras.

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