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The Pixel Lab Mega Pack

The Pixel Lab Mega Pack is crammed full of every C4D model the Pixel Lab have ever created. That’s 1175 3D models made with CINEMA 4D and they include textures too!

The Pixel Lab Mega Pack includes 34 Products, 2 Generators, over 840 Materials and over 1.175 Models

Included are the following products:

Designers Pack
Sports Pack
Soccer Pack
House Pack
Backyard Pack
Garage Pack
Rooftop Pack
Travel Pack
Video Board Pack
Industrial Pack 1
Industrial Pack 2
Kitchen Pack
Video Production Pack
Green Pack
Music Pack
Financial Pack
City Pack
Industrial Pack
Graphs and Charts Pack
Technology Pack
Events and Exhibitions Pack
Image2Plane Plugin
Material Pack
Medical Pack
Pipes Generator
Air Duct Generator
Retail Display Pack
Earth and Globes Pack
Classic Furnishings Pack
Trailer Text Pack
Events and Exhibitions 2.0 Pack
Procedural Material Pack
Low Poly Explainer Pack
Low Poly Scenery Pack
Events and Venues Pack