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The Foundry MODO
MODO has been created to enable you to model, animate and paint a character as your imagination sees it without any restraints from the software you use. The guys behind MODO have done everything they can to ensure that this software is as simple and quick to use whilst providing you with the best results possible.

MODO features include:

Nodal Shading – MODO provides you with a view which enables you to create even more intricate shaders and materials.

Animation Improvements – MODO gives you access to some amazing new keyframing features, such as Onion Skinning, Time Markers, In-between Tools and Spacing Charts.

Dynamics and Particles – MODO enables you to imitate pliable chains and ropes whilst also being able to shatter objects to produce realistic destruction animations.

Hair and Fur – MODO includes new hair guides and has a much more accurate control when styling fur and hair.

Effects – MODO provides a robust and flexible node based particle simulation platform that can be used to simulate a huge range of phenomena. Particles are so deeply integrated into MODO that you can interact and direct particles with virtually any characteristic of your scene.

Modeling – The fastest, most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface modeler anywhere. MODO’s flexible modeling tools are ideal for precision modeling of mechanical and architectural designs, and for freeform organic modeling of virtually any shape.

Animation – As you create in MODO, time is just another dimension for you to draw upon. Animating in MODO comes naturally as the modeling and animation tools work hand in hand.

Render and Shading – The MODO renderer is an over-achiever that offers that rare blend of speed and quality, and now includes UNLIMITED network rendering on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Workflow & UI
– Streamlined UI experiences to accelerate the creation process and surround users with the tools required.

Performance Updates
– Shortened deadlines and increasing scene complexity is a never-ending battle for most. MODO remains committed to reducing that burden and in some test cases has improved performance by as much as 175x when making changes to large scenes.

The Foundry MODO
With MODO you have access to amazing character animation that includes Actors to speed up your animation process by having set actions and poses. There is also the awesome Skeleton Creation Tool that enables you to create a set of bones all attached together by joints and then you can add weight maps to enable you to manage the characters movement.

MODO has also created the full-body Inverse Kinematics that give your model a much more realist look and feel. It enables you to be able to move the leg of your character and the whole body will respond to that leg movement just as it would in real life making your animated characters seem much more convincing.

The vast array of Deformers that MODO supply enables you to alter your animated shapes right to the vertex level. It even allows you to layer the deformation effects on top of each other and if you use the Deformers with the Falloffs you will gain amazing control over your animation rigs.

Recoil Dynamics in MODO enable hard bodies to react to impact and gravity and for soft bodies to act like cloth automatically creating some amazing animated effects.

The Topology Pen tool enables you to create new geometry whilst creating new UV data at the same time. It can also weld, drag, extend, slide edges and remove components.

The Mesh Cleanup tool is perfect for deleting 1 or 2 point polygons or floating vertices and co-linear vertices. It can also fix face normals and duplicate points.

MODO supports Alembic format for multi-application pipelines and also enables MDD dynamic objects to connect with driven objects.