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  • Seamless Review & Approval.
  • Optimized For HTML5.
  • Closed Captioning.

Sorenson Media Squeeze coupon codes



Sorenson Media Squeeze Features:

  • Streamlined Workflow- Enhanced UI — Provides you with improved search & a cleaner batch window.
  • Optimized For HTML5- A single preset creates video files & HTML5 markups for multi-screen playback.
  • Greater Quality & Speed- Now up to 6 times faster than competitors with increased quality, multi-core encoding & adaptive bitrate encoding.
  • Pre-/Post-Roll Stitching- Show your branding or other content at the start or end of an existing video on-the-fly.
  • Seamless Review & Approval- Your free Sorenson 360 account ensures responsive web pages for reviewing video content on any device.
  • Closed Captioning- Support for EIA-608 & CEA-708 closed captioning in source video and corresponding TTML output. Also closed caption pass-through.

Sorenson Squeeze is the award winning gold standard in video encoding that has been created to enable you to produce amazing, professional videos fast. This encoding software is now up to six times faster than any other on the market whilst still retaining it’s quality output.

Sorenson Squeeze allows you to encode from Premiere, Final Cut and Media Composer and is faster encoding in formats such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, Flash Dynamic and Smooth Streaming. It also saves you time by enabling you to cut, trim and include markers at certain frames in the timeline manually with time code entry.