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  • Intuitive Graph based UI.
  • Time-Distance Smoothing.
  • Instances & Echo.

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Rowbyte Plexus for Adobe After Effects

Rowbyte have created Plexus which is the ultimate 3D particle system plug-in for Adobe After Effects that enables you to create amazing art quickly and easily. Plexus has a great replication tool which allows you to produce some amazing organic shapes, whilst the Effectors help you to create physical simulations.

Plexus features include:

  • 3D Beams- These allow you to create your beams in between groups and objects whilst still allowing you to control the time of your beams.
  • 3D Splines- Create your 3D Splines by using Spotlights and then use the Range Selector Animators to control the range and time.
  • Adobe Illustrator Export- Enables you to export SVG Files directly from Plexus and ensures you can scale your designs to any print size resolutions you desire.
  • Experimental OpenGL Renderer with HQ Depth of Field- Ensures that if you have an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card you can create first class depth of field whilst also speeding up your rendering.
  • Facets- You can produce Facets between points and use lights in your composition to shade the Facets.
  • Facet Effectors- Allows you to alter the color, position and rotation properties of Facets by using Layer Map Effectors, Noise Effector and the Spherical Effector.
  • Improved OBJ Support- Ensures that your OBJ file sequences are automatically identified whilst OBJ Facets are automatically imported.
  • Instance Containers (OBJ Containers)- The instance containers enable you to create containers out of any shape, even OBJs.
  • Instances & Echo- The Echo delay enables you to create various instances of existing Plexus objects and duplicate them in any 3D Space.
  • Intuitive Graph based UI- Gives you the precision needed to control your various properties over time and distance.
  • New Layers Object- This enables you to get Point Data from Point Lights, Spot Lights, 3D Null Layers and 3D Layers in your composition.
  • Random Sprite Modes- Enables you to create unique sprites and use non-square aspect ratio compositions as sprites.
  • Render Objects- By using the same vertex data you can create multiple render objects such as lines, sprites, facets and points whilst controlling them all using groups.
  • Time-Distance Smoothing- Enables you to evade jitter and sudden movements in the Plexus whilst smoothing distance calculations over a period of time.
  • Triangulation- You are able to engineer different types of Triangulation and automatically rebuild geometry from points and triangulate point clouds.

Plexus also has a first class customized rendering engine that gives you total control over the 32 bit rendering order.

  • Instance Containers (OBJ Containers).
  • Adobe Illustrator Export.
  • Experimental OpenGL Renderer with HQ Depth of Field.