Next Limit RealFlow

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  • Award winning fluid simulation software.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Compatible with all major 3D platforms.

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Realflow has been created by the guys at Next Limit to enable studios, artists, and freelancers to create individual fluids and body dynamics from a small drop of water to a huge ocean.

Realflow Features include:

RealFlow Graphs – Visual node-based method to set up links between scene elements. Create, modify & extract data from scene elements.

Caronte Body Dynamics Solver – Stronger & speedier with better fracturing tools.

Maxwell Render – Preview your simulation renders in the background. Photorealistc Maxwell Render materials included.

Viewport+ – Better workflow, even if you are working with millions of particles. Orbit huge amounts of data.

Alembic i/o – Alembic format will be available for both geometry AND particles (UNIQUE to RealFlow).

Hybrido 2 – A base solver for amazing detail. New Splash and Foam emitters handled fast.

RenderKit 3.0 – Upgraded mesher algorithm for Hybrido 2 for greater detail. New Anysotropic Mesher for particle-based sims.

Licensing – GUI license can now be installed directly into the license server, so you only need install your license once.

  • Free support & maintenance for 1 year.
  • Free upgrades (major and minor).
  • All the latest plug-ins and patches.