03-22-2017 - - Pain Free After Effects Animation

Here are some of the cool things in the world of VFX & motion graphics I thought were worth sharing this week.

As you know, animating in After Effects with multiple keyframes and layers can be a seriously tedious business. This 1000+ Motion Presets Pack combined with the free Animation Composer plugin looks like a great solution to that problem.

It dramatically speeds up your workflow and allows you to create amazing animations in just a couple of minutes. If you're a professional motion designer where your time really is money, this could be the best $65 you've ever spent.


Directing animator Andrew Gordon, currently at Pixar, walks you through the principles of gesture in animation, from hand and facial gestures to whole body poses. He shows you how to incorporate reference material, add physicality, and avoid clichés.

The training is on Lynda but you can get a free 10 day trial to watch the whole course here.


Combining Epic’s Unreal Engine with The Mill’s proprietary virtual production toolkit, “The Human Race” merges real-time visual effects and live-action storytelling.

The combined technologies were pushed beyond the limits of existing real-time rendering capabilities to produce a futuristic film.