newtek lightwave upgrade

  • New Bullet Physics Enhancements.
  • No Dongle Required.
  • Export To Adobe After Effects.




NewTek Lightwave 3D

  • The Lightwave 3D includes lots of features, that make this LightWave update a no brainer. Here are some of the exciting features in LightWave 3D:-
  • No More Dongles! You no longer need to have a dongle to access LightWave.
  • New Genoma rigging system that allows for quick and easy rigging and even ships with several rigging presets.
  • Bullet Forces and Soft Body Dynamics are now available, cloth being one of them.
  • Render view motion blur and depth of field, plus the addion of ‘rolling shutter’ camera effects.
  • ZBrush Fiber Mesh support allows you take advantage of Fiber Meshes and send them to ZBrush via GoZ™.
  • Adobe After Effects support allows you to send your scene data from LightWave such as lights, nulls and cameras, directly into After Effects.
  • Loads of workflow improvements and enhancements to the interface.