Motion Boutique Newton 3 offers

  • Efficient & robust physics engine.
  • Save 10% on 2+ licences.

Motion Boutique offers




Motion Boutique Newton v3 Features

  • Actions History.
  • Scene Snapshots.
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide.
  • Preferences & Shortcuts dialogs.
  • User Interface- Powerful interface & superior user experience.
  • Joints- Distance Joint, Piston Joint, Spring Joint, Pivot Joint.
  • Advanced Body Properties- Magnetism, Gravity Scale, Fixed Rotation & Use Convex Hull.

Motion Boutique have created Newton 3, an amazing After Effects plug-in which enables you to create joints between bodies. This is done with the body properties simulation controllers density, bounciness, type, velocity & friction and the global properties solver & gravity.

When you are happy with the simulation you can recreate animation with standard keyframes in After Effects.

  • Support of shapes, text & masks.
  • Array of controllers- velocity, gravity & friction.
  • Intuitive user interface.