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Maya Essentials Training
Autodesk have created the renowned 3D software Maya to enable you to create the most amazing 3D projects. You get to use production-proven tools for modelling, 3D animation, visual effects and rendering. The only snag can be that when you first open Maya it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? com has the answer, they are the essential tool for training when it comes to 3D software and have some fantastic training for Maya.

Maya Essentials Training from comes to you from George Maestri who is an animation director, producer and author of a number of books on 3D character animation. He has also worked for top studios Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and Comedy Central. His training has been designed to help you to understand Maya’s interface and to get you started. It starts with configuring your computer for Maya, understanding the Maya interface, manipulating objects and keeping everything organized. All this training can be completed in less than two hours and has been set up in nice bite size sections to enable you to fit it into your day. offer a free 10 day trial to get you started, you can get your free 10 days Here