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Magic Bullet Red Giant Suite
Magic Bullet Suite has been created by film director and colorist Stu Maschwitz to provide filmmakers with the professional tools they need to create Hollywood style results.

Magic Bullet Suite provides both professional and budding filmmakers alike with the 7 most important tools any filmmaker would need. These include:

Magic Bullet Film enables your digital film footage to capture the amazing look of real motion picture film. You can choose from 22 negative stocks and 4 print stocks.

Magic Bullet Looks is what you need when you want to create a certain mood on your project. Color is everything when it comes to mood. Using a sharp blue color tone for an action scene or a scorching red for a hot love scene makes all the difference to the mood of your scene. You can also choose from 198, fully-customizable professionally designed Look presets presets that can provide you with designed Hollywood treatments to realistic lighting scenarios.

Colorista enables you to do professional color corrections fast. It allows you to do any color grading needed between any of your editing applications with excellent results. It now has it’s most powerful Keyer that enables you to exactly adapt individual colors quickly.

Denoiser is a great tool for cleaning up your video footage in one-step. It quickly and simply removes any grainy, noisy footage whilst ensuring it preserves your original video footage.

Mojo has been created to give you the Hollywood Blockbusters secret of delicate coloring that can radically change the look of your footage. Mojo has simple customizable controls to effect the scene however you want from warming it up or cooling it down to bleaching it out and punching it up for an action movie, the look instantly changes.

Magic Bullet Cosmo enables you to keep skin looking natural and even whilst smoothing out skin tones, removing blemishes and reducing wrinkles.

Renoiser enables you to create cinematic texture and grain.

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