Boris Mocha Pro

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  • The industry’s most powerful planar tracker.
  • New 3D Camera Solver.

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Boris Mocha Pro

mocha Pro is the most powerful planar tracker software on the market. Designed with VFX and post production professionals in mind, mocha Pro provides tools for object removal, roto, footage stabilization, 3D camera solving and motion tracking. The benefit of mocha Pro is that you get all these tools within the one interface – greatly speeding up workflows.

  • Adds powerful planar tracking no matter which compositing package you use – Adobe After Effects, Nuke or Autodesk Flame & Smoke.
  • New Bounding Box & Join Layers tool increase productivity of roto artists.
  • Remove Module: an industry unique alternative to clone & paint.
  • Lens Module: analyze and undistort camera lens distortion.
  • Stabilize Module with AutoFill: Stabilize shaky camera movement without a scaling result.