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Frischluft Flair for After Effects Discount

  • Sub pixel accurate Box Blur.
  • Abberative mode with soft mask.
  • Glow Plugin provides 8 different algorithms.
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Frischluft have created Flair to enable you to have eight amazing quality effects, these are Amiga Rulez, Box Blur, Glass Sphere, Mosaic Plane, Glow, Highlight, Radial Blur and Volumetrics to use with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. You are able to create some great effects including shear and white fog, sparkles, glow and shine.

Flair’s fantastic Box Blur effect offers an aberrative mode that enables you to split colors and control your blur on a pixel by pixel basis by operating the filter with a mask.

  • Create blazing fast impressive light effects.
  • Generate sparkling light streaks from existing footage.
  • Fast high quality radial blur.