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Element 3D Essential Training
OK so you have brought the amazing Element 3D plug-in and you marvel at what Andrew Kramer and his crew have created to enable you to produce some amazing 3D projects. You love the thought of creating your own 3D models and animating them but the whole prospect can just seem so daunting, just where do you start? This is where Lynda.com shine, it’s what they do!

This indispensable training is brought to you from Lynda.com who without question provide the fundamental training on all creative software. They are notorious for their high-quality, professional video production and engaging instructors. They have now created the Element 3D Essential Training to guide you step by step so that you emerge from this training as an Element 3D expert!

This comprehensive training is broken into sections that total just under 5 hours of training. Author Chad Perkins covers everything to enable you to create your own projects. He starts with an overview of Element 3D, how to work with 3D objects, how to create 3D objects, working with materials, particle replicators, integrating with After Effects, using the animation engine, adding polish, tips and tricks to help you on they way and then he finishes by going through a project with you from start to finish.

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