Create Amazing Looking Renders in CINEMA 4D with Light Kit Infinite

One of the most time consuming and difficult tasks when using 3D software is trying to get decent looking renders. Whether it’s for a product shot or a motion graphics piece, getting a professional looking render isn’t easy.

Probably the biggest stumbling block is creating a lighting set up that yields professional results. Lighting is a science and an art and can be baffling to new users of CINEMA 4D. Even if you’re an advanced user, lighting and setting up studios in CINEMA 4D can be a time consuming task, especially when you’re on a client deadline.

Thankfully, Don Mupasi at MotionSquared has created a product – Light Kit Infinite, which aims to make lighting in CINEMA 4D so much easier.

Light Kit Infinite is a collection of customised lighting rigs and studio setups that create great looking and photo-realistic renders quickly and easily.

What do you get with Light Kit Infinite?

Light Kit Infinite ships with:-

6 Custom Lights. These comprise of 3 soft boxes, ring-light, spotlight and fluorescent tube lighting rig. All these lights have custom controls that allow you to tweak your lighting easily without having to navigate multiple settings.
Light Kit custom-lights-600





6 Real Lights. These lights have been created to mirror common real world photographic lighting setups. They include key light, fill light, bounce light, overall light, background light & rim light.

10 Gobo Shapes. Gobos act like a stencil over the lights to give your renders amazing looking reflections. There are various LED and grid gobos that will make product and especially car renders look amazing.

8 Preset Stages. Each stage is different in size and shape and can dramatically change the look of your renders.

10 Studios. These lighting studios which combine custom lights and stages are based on real world photographic studio setups. All you have to do is drop in your 3D model and hit render and you’ll get a professional looking result every time. You can of course tweak these studios to your own requirements by adding different lights or stages.
Light Kit studios 600







CINEMA 4D Lite version also available

The Light Kit 4 Lite version has been designed to work with CINEMA 4D Lite – the free version of CINEMA 4D, which is now shipping with After Effects CC. If you’re an After Effects user that is new to CINEMA 4D, then this product is going to save you loads of time and will definitely help you create impressive 3D renders.

Another benefit of the product is that it’s an excellent way to learn how to setup professional looking lighting in a 3D program. The knowledge you will gain about lighting is worth the price of the product alone.