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How To Create Laser Gun And Sci-Fi Weapons VFX

Creating realistic Laser guns, Blasters, Sci-Fi weapons VFX - has got to be way up there on every VFX artist’s wish list. There are a few different techniques for creating these kind of effects in After Effects and I’ve picked a couple of my favourites. Creating the actual weapon itself can be really easy or [...]

How To Create 3D Models In After Effects With Element 3D | Element 3d Tutorial

Element 3D - the exciting new After Effects plug-in from Video Copilot is beginning to inspire some very innovative workflows. After Effects has never really been considered a viable option for 3D modelling, apart from simple shapes using plug-ins such as Zaxwerks Invigorator Pro. Element 3D now makes 3D modelling a reality, right within After Effects. It probably isn't the easiest way to create 3D models, but Element 3D now makes it possible if you're comfortable in After Effects and don't want to learn a dedicated 3D program.