When it comes to HUD/FUI VFX, Cantina Creative are up there with the best of them. Having created some of the most engaging HUD/FUI for movies such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, they are back again with another example of outstanding work in Captain America Civil War.

For this Marvel Studios outing, Alan Torres and Stephen Lawes and their team at Cantina Creative created 138 unique shots of multiple HUDS and screens for the Tony Stark/Iron Man character. Compared to previous Iron Man movies, the look Cantina have crafted for this movie seems to be much more militaristic in style and the level of detail and the overall look has certainly progressed from the previous movies.

I highly recommend you head over to the Cantina Creative site and check out their other awesome projects and their excellent detailed VFX breakdowns.


CLIENT: Marvel Studios

VFX Supervisors: Stephen Lawes, Alan Torres

VFX Producer: Donna Cullen

Executive Producer: Sean Cushing

Designers: Sang Yup Kim, Shawn Lee, Sang Youb Shin

VFX Artists: Julianne Dome, Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Jay Grunfeld, Jennifer Kennedy, Fernando Raigoza Jr.

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