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Blackstar Plugins

at² have created some amazing plug-ins for CINEMA 4D and now you can save big with the Blackstar Plugins Bundle for Cinema 4D. This bundle includes seven plugins, the Reference Shader, Happy Little Paint Shader, Splurf, Cinapsis, Endofin, Ptex and Photometric IES.

Included in the Blackstar Plugins Bundle for Cinema 4D:

Reference Shader – Advanced instance shader, no need to copy & paste, all changes of the source shader are automatically applied to every linked Reference Shader.

Happy Little Paint Shader – “remembers” some objects’ position history and can create wet maps. Other applications may be drawing foot steps on a surface, snow or sand.

Splurf – Creates parametrical surfaces (or patches) from any spline types supported by Cinema 4D and can make several spline surfaces adjustable at the same time.

Cinapsis – Enables you to search and edit any element in your scene and run commands or plugins dynamically on certain sets of items fast in a simple Cinema 4D dialog.

Endofin – Ensures that you can create depth of field effects without the Advanced Render module. it also provides correct treatments of alpha and transparency, reflections and C4D-Hair.

Ptex – Provides an organized Per-Face Texture Mapping method by keeping a different texture per face in a single texture file for a given mesh and supports multi-resolution textures for MIP mapping.

Photometric IES – Enables you to create realistic light source thanks to the photometric data which produces a more irregular and asymmetrical light distribution instead of just simple point or spotlights.