03-02-2017 - - Advanced Motion Graphics, X-Particles & Houdini

In this week's newsletter were delving deeper into more advanced motion graphics and VFX tools such as CINEMA 4D, X-Particles and Houdini.

X-Particles is one of the most powerful and popular plug-ins for CINEMA 4D. It's ability to create complex looks and animations is unrivalled. This week's inspiration features X-Particles in action (see below).

If you're a CINEMA 4D user it's an essential purchase. You can save 5% off X-Particles and learn more here.


Along with Ash Thorp, Michael Rigley created this amazing promotional piece for the film - The Martian. Michael used CINEMA 4D as well as the aforementioned X-Particles to create the outstanding visuals for this project.


If you're a CINEMA 4D user, check out this free plugin from MAXON Labs. It generates random nested extrusions, creating a “greebled” look on any mesh.


Learn how to create this interesting dual mesh effect in Houdini.