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3ds Max Essential Training
Autodesk 3ds Max is an awesome 3D software program that enables you to model, animate and render your 3D projects whether you are a visual effects artist, motion graphics artist, game developer, designer, architect, engineer or visualization specialist! It can truly produce some amazing effects but when you are starting out it can be baffling where to start. Whenever you are learning something new it is always great to get some help and direction. Training is key when starting to learn any new 3D software and that’s why we have always relied on Lynda.com. The standard of training is first class and there is always something new to learn as in the 3D world something new is always emerging.

Lynda.com’s 3ds Max Essential Training comes to you by Aaron F. Ross who is a educator, video producer and author. Aaron is an expert in 3D animation, and has written or co-written three books on the subject. Professionally he has worked as a 3D computer modeler, animator, videographer, director, editor and sound designer. His commercial video and animation work has been broadcast on major TV networks such as CNN and Fox. Aarons training for 3ds Max includes:

  • The 3ds Max Interface
  • Modeling Basics
  • Modeling with Splines
  • Lofting
  • Modeling with Primitives
  • Using the Modifier stack
  • Polygon Modeling
  • Subdivision Surface Modeling
  • NURBS Modeling
  • Modeling for Motion Graphics
  • Materials Basics
  • Mapping Textures
  • Camera Basics
  • Lighting Basics
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Hierarchies
  • Controllers & Constraints
  • Rendering

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