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How To Get A Discount On Trapcode Suite

In the past Red Giant made it very easy to get a discount on Trapcode products through their create your own bundle offer. This meant that you could select any 2,3 or 4 Red Giant or Trapcode products and save up to 20%. This offer has now ended, which means that if you want to get a decent discount you’re best buying the products as a suite – you can save a ton of money doing this. Check this out:

Did you know you could save 40% ($690) buying Trapcode Suite than you could if you bought each product individually? – That’s the equivalent of getting Particular and Form for free when you buy all the Trapcode products as a bundle. Go To Red Giant>>

Save up to 40%* with Red Giant Trapcode 2017 Discounts.

*Save $690 (40%) when you buy Trapcode Suite instead of the individual products.

Red Giant Trapcode Products

**NEW** Trapcode Suite 13.1Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13 Coupon

Red Giant Trapcode SuiteSave up to 40% Here*


Red Giant Trapcode Tao CouponRed Giant Trapcode TaoSave up to 40% Here*

  • 3D geometries animated along a path.
  • Generate Geometric shapes & ribbons.
  • Create geometries from Masks,Paths & Motion.


Red Giant Trapcode Particular CouponRed Giant Trapcode ParticularSave up to 40% Here*

  • Amazing particle system for After Effects.
  • Soar through your creation.
  • Naturalistic effects.
  • Faster rendering.


Red Giant Trapcode Form CouponRed Giant Trapcode FormSave up to 40% Here*

  • Textured Polygon and Streaklet particle types.
  • Create any 3D form imaginable.
  • Expanded spherical field.
  • Total layer map support.


Red Giant Trapcode Mir CouponRed Giant Trapcode MirSave up to 40% Here*

  • Create 3D motion design at OpenGL speed.
  • Immediately preview effects.
  • Produce fluid landscapes.
  • Includes 18 .ffx presets.


Red Giant Trapcode 3D Stroke CouponRed Giant Trapcode 3D StrokeSave up to 40% Here*

  • Create awesome glowing shapes and lines.
  • Includes 40 preset SVG shapes.
  • Powerful, adaptable controls.
  • Built-in camera.


Red Giant Trapcode Echospace CouponRed Giant Trapcode EchospaceSave up to 40% Here*

  • Easily animate multiple layers.
  • 3D Animations without Expressions.
  • Fast OpenGL render options.
  • Realistic Layers.


Red Giant Trapcode Horizon CouponRed Giant Trapcode HorizonSave up to 40% Here*

  • Gradient and image map modes.
  • Virtual reality backgrounds.
  • Creating QuickTime VR.
  • 3D Camera integration.


Red Giant Trapcode Lux CouponRed Giant Trapcode LuxSave up to 40% Here*

  • Create realistic headlights & amazing spotlights.
  • Immediately include dramatic lights.
  • Total integration with AE lights.
  • An array of realistic styles.


Red Giant Trapcode Shine CouponRed Giant Trapcode ShineSave up to 40% Here*

  • Multicolor presets for titling.
  • Rapid 3D light ray effects.
  • Adaptable Shimmer settings.
  • Powerful light controls.


Red Giant Trapcode Sound Keys CouponRed Giant Trapcode Sound KeysSave up to 40% Here*

  • Combine sound with other effects.
  • 32-band adaptable audio spectrum.
  • Synchronize video to audio.
  • Perfect for music videos.


Red Giant Trapcode Starglow CouponRed Giant Trapcode StarglowSave up to 40% Here*

  • Include glows & glints to highlight titles & text.
  • Intensify starry skies & water highlights.
  • Imitate camera star filters.
  • Fast-rendering glow effect.


*Save $611 (40%) when you buy Trapcode Suite instead of the individual products.


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