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Texture Kit Pro

GreyscaleGorilla Texture Kit Pro for Cinema 4D v3 offers 500 useful textures to Cinema 4D adding a further 300 from the original 200. Texture Kit Pro contains textures designed to help any Cinema 4D project, whether it be architectural visualisations, photoreal product simulations or motion graphics animations. As well as organic textures such as wood, glass and leather, there are a number of useful motion graphic textures such as glows, pattens and glosses. Texture Kit Pro v2 also features a number of hair textures for the first time too.

The “Texture Maker” feature makes it easy to create your own textures using a simple slider and color picker based approach.

Texture Kit Pro v3 also contains a new organization hierarchy to help find the increased number of textures. You can now search for textures according to material eg. fabrics, metals, abstract, plastic etc.

Texture Kit Demo Video from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.